Figure 8 Ultra Toner Resistance Band

Figure 8 ULTRA TONER RESISTANCE TRAINING BAND works to strengthen arms, chest, shoulders and back with single arm and double arm exercises for total upper body conditioning and can even be used for select lower body exercises to tone your legs, hips, and butt.

  • COMFORT FIT: The soft rubber handles provide added comfort and a secure grip.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Designed for light and speedy mobility, the exercise band can be rolled up to stash in a gym bag, suitcase, or overnight trip making it perfect for travel, gym, or in-home use.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Built to a professional grade quality and designed for commercial gyms and clubs to be used 100 times a day versus 100 times a year in a home gym.
  • GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF FITNESS: Helps you isolate target muscles more effectively and is perfect for use in group training and strength-conditioning classes, Pilates, and Physical Therapy and rehabilitation.