Foam Roller Massage Set (5Pcs)

This 5 in 1 Foam Roller Set Includes Hollow Core Massage Roller with End Caps, Muscle Roller Stick, Stretching Strap, Double Lacrosse Peanut & Spikey Plantar Fasciitis Ball is proven to increase performance and is one of the best recovery tools to treat muscle pain and increase performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after workouts is part of a great stretching routine, it increases blood flow to the massage site, and flushes away stored lactic acid with the included spike ball. Reduce stiffness and pain before and after workouts, exercise, running and training with the deep tissue massage extra firm ball and other wonderful massage tools included with the set!!!

  • PREVENT MUSCLE INJURY: perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and strengthening activities. This set is great for physical therapy and exercise, back pain, massage therapy, rehabilitation, before and after workout warm ups and warm downs, and yoga. Foam muscle rollers help to relieve muscles tension and increase muscle reflexology.
  • The perfect gift for yourself , or a loved one that's into exercise and working out , this kit has it all! The classic triple zone massage roller with end caps for storage , great for deep tissue massage and stretching legs and lower back .
  • There's the premium massage stick for those hard-to-roll areas, like the quad, shin, and inner thigh. Control the intensity of the massage by pressing harder or softer with the handles . Flush lactic acid from muscle tissue after your workout .
  • After the deep tissue massage, the most important thing for your body is stretches. Our stretch strap is amazing for your hamstring and quads. Just wrap one end around your foot, and control the intensity by grabbing different handles .
  • 2 types of massage balls, both great tools for trigger point and myofascial release. The double lacrosse ball is best for rolling the forearm, neck, and shoulders, and the spike ball is great for the arches of your feet for plantar fasciitis .
  • Colors: Vibrant Pink, Bright Lime, Bold Black, Soft Teal