Hand Grip Strengthener Kit (5 Pc)

Product Name: Hand Grip Strengthener
Material: ABS plastic + TPR + stainless steel
Size: 170 x 110mm
Color: Black
Quantity: 5pcs

- Upgraded smart count design, quantity display, one at a time, rotate bottom button, can be cleared.
- Upgrade the adjustment button, increase the thickening, make your adjustment effort easier and easier.
- 5kg-60kg adjustable, you can adjust the strength tension from 5kg to 60kg by rotating the black knob.
- Excellent training tools to enhance your hands, wrists and forearms.
- Easy to carry, small and exquisite, you can exercise anywhere.
- Suitable for the elderly, office crowds and sports enthusiasts.
- Adjustment, free grip: ABS engineering plastic, TPR grip, comfortable and smooth, stainless steel spring.

Package includes:
- 1 x Hand Gripper
- 1 x Finger Exerciser (4 Lbs per each finger)
- 1 x Finger Stretcher Resistance Band (Light resistance)
- 1 x Hand Strengthener Grip Ring (50lbs resistance)
- 1 x Stress Relief Grip Ball (Medium)
- 1 x Storage Bag