Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock & Antigravity Inversion Kit with Trapeze Sling

Are you looking for a product that you can use at home to achieve a professional-grade workout? Look no further! This Aerial Yoga Swing & Antigravity Inversion Kit with Trapeze Sling is a  versatile yoga swing that helps to decompress your spine, making you feel back pain relief in minutes. Through deep stretching, you strengthen and loosen your muscles, improving joint stiffness and increasing the flexibility of your whole body.

  • HEALTH BENEFIT OF THE YOGA TRAPEZE: Helps to Release the pain or pressure of the neck, back and spine, enhances your hand strength by Inversion Therapy. The Aerial Silk is Also a new Innovative Tool that Gives the Yoga Enthusiasts a Safe and Fun Way to Keep Fit!!!  
  • Professional Workout - This swing is great for developing core strength. Gain instant traction on your spine in no time; improve upper body functions and increase full-body strength. This swing can provide professional-level health benefits for your entire family. 
  • SPIRITUAL UPLIFTING: Aerial yoga hammock's Psychological effect triggers your inner optimistic aura, stables your mind & acts as a mood booster.
  • STRESS RELIEVING BLEND: Acrobatic yoga poses with trapeze improve the body's natural ability to cope with anxiety, stress and as a result you get restful sleep
  • PREMIUM GRADE MATERIAL: Yoga Swing is made of Genuine Parachute Silk to give your body a comfy, cozy yoga inversion experience, feels like Hugging.
  • HOOKS NOT INCLUDED: Buy ceiling mount separately for inside installation but no hardware required to hang on a tree branch, monkey bars or swing set.
  • Colors: Pink, Blue, Black