Home Gym Fitness Body Trainer Sled Harness Vest For Speed & Strength

If you need to increase running speed and intensity training. This is definitely worth buying!
  • Multi-functional training: suitable for all athletes, individuals or teams to exercise, to strengthen the legs, calves, back, chest, shoulders and core strength.
  • Very suitable for football players, runners, cross trainers and basketball trainers.
  • You can use it for parachute drilling, which is very suitable for pulling tires and pulling running skateboards to avoid resistance in the middle of the body.
  • Maximize strength: Resistance trainers are used by athletes all over the world, hoping to become faster, faster runners. It can also help athletes train to maximize strength and speed to become the best goal.
  • Made of high-quality and durable nylon, it can be used for years of intense training.