Portable Yoga Pilates Resistance & Exercise Bar

This Portable Yoga Pilates Resistance & Exercise Bar is multifunctional and can help you engage in various training activities to build muscle, lose weight and tone your arms, abs, waist, legs, butt and glutes while also getting cardio in. It can replace a barbell, resistance tube or twisting machine to do squats, bench press, curls, and rowing.
  • Lightweight & Portable: flexible, detachable pilates bar design allows for easy set-up, is simple & removable, allows for convenient storage and portability. The 2-piece pilates bar comes apart with two attached foot loops on each side, helps upper body strength workout for Pilates training at home, park, garden, in the gym, or at your office. You can also take it when you travel.
  • MULTIPLE USES: pilates stick is often used for Yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness, and other training programs. It is also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape.
  • Superelastic, Durability & Safety: with thick stretchy protective belt cover and latex elastic rope, eco-friendly, no smell and it has strong durability and excellent resilience, not easily deformed. Stronger and safer than standard rubber tubing.
  • RESISTANCE BAND TRAINING: durable latex resistance band is easily adjustable with one twist to make it a good workout for men and women, at beginner, professional or elite fitness levels.
  • Color: Pink