Yoga Backbend Wheel for Stretching & Balance With 2 Fitness Straps

This Yoga Wheel for Stretching with 2 Fitness Straps is a back roller for pain that improves balance and backbend, it increases flexibility, massages your body. There are SO MANY BENEFITS IN ONE WHEEL - for endless body poses and a maximum workout, this Yoga Backbend Wheel can function as a spinal stretcher; shoulders and chest opener; hip flexor; balance and body posture challenger; back pain and body ache reliever; backbend improver and much more!!!
  • MIND AND POSE YOGA KIT; stretch your body and mind with this unique yoga kit; 12.5'' diameter X 5'' wide Yoga Wheel with 2 Yoga Fitness Straps (grey strap and purple strap) all packed in a beautiful color box.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY; this Yoga Wheel Back Wheel Prop Spine Roller is built with the highest quality material to the highest quality standards you should expect; the ECO-FRIENDLY inner ABS circle and outer TPE padded foam material makes it strong, comfortable and durable.
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL; this Yoga Circle Stretch Ring is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis; men and women; young and adults.
  • Color: Teal/Black